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Management Staff

Chair of Department of Botany

PhD. Botany (Agroforestry)

M.Sc( Botany (Agroforestry)

B.Sc. (Botany and Zoology),
Dean School Of Physical and Biological Sciences

PhD in Botany (Plant Physiology and Biochemistry)

MSc University of Nairobi

BSc University of Nairobi
Chair of Department of Zoology

BSc (Zoology/Chemistry),

 MSc (Cell & Molecular Biology),  

Ph.D (Cell and Molecular Biology)
Chair Of Department of Physics and Material Sciences

Ph.D. Electronic Engineering

B.Ed. Physics/Mathematics

M.Sc. Polymer Science
Chair Of Department of Chemistry

PhD in Chemistry (Inorganic/Environmental); MSc. Chemistry; B.Ed (Science