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Chair of Department
Prof. David Mutisya Musyimi


Welcome to the Department of Botany. The Department of Botany is one of the departments in the School of Physical and Biological Sciences in Maseno University. The department has competent academic and technical staffs who are actively involved in research and student supervision as evidenced by publications. The members of academic staff have widely published in the top science publishers in the world.  The focus areas of the Department are; Plant Ecology, plant physiology and biochemistry, Microbiology, Plant taxonomy and Economic Botany, Plant Pathology, Agroforestry, Genetics and Biotechnology.  The Department is committed to ensuring that students complete their research proposals and theses on time. 

The Department integrates research and teaching across all levels of biological disciplines within Maseno University. We offer comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate education in the wide range of biological disciplines from molecules to ecosystems and the biosphere.