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Department of Zoology

Chair of Department
Dr Cyrus Ayieko,

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Thank you for visiting the department of Zoology!  


Here we strive to achieve excellence in both our teaching and mentorship while guarding academic integrity in every respect. The department is made up of diverse disciplines that span through Entomology and Vector Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology, Conservation Biology as well as Microbiology. This diversity allows us to serve students with a wide range of interests and keep them fascinated through their academic journey. Whether you are interested in discovering the principles of biology at molecular/ subcellular levels or applying the biological concepts at the organism /ecosystem level to improve food production and human health, you will find relevant courses in Zoology that will inspire you in the direction of your curiosity.  While our undergraduate course provides a solid foundation in Zoology, we offer a number of specialized courses at Postgraduate level that are tailor-made to equip scientists who are able to translate the theoretical concepts into solutions to present challenges such as:  understanding the biology of microbial infections and emerging antimicrobial resistance;   zoonotic diseases,; the control of parasitic infections and vector borne diseases; improving food security; and tackling environmental issues. We are committed to promoting the success of our students and are always available  to speak to those interested in joining our programmes as well as ongoing students.