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Physics Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Science in Physics with IT


Year One Semester One

Course Code

Course Title

SPH 101


SPH 103


SPH 105

Mathematical Methods for Physics I

SPH 107

Practical Physics

SPH 109

Electronic Instrumentation

UCI 101

Foundations of Information Technology

ABA 101

Introduction to Business Studies













Year One Semester Two

Course Code

Course Title

SPH 102

Electricity and Magnetism I

SPH 104

Thermal Physics

SPH 106

Electric Circuit and Electronics

SPH 108

Mathematical Methods for Physics II

SPH 110

Introduction to Computational Physics

SPH 112

Practical Physics

UCI 114

Introduction to Spread sheet

PHT 112

HIV and AIDS Determinant, Prevention and Management


Year Two Semester One

Course Code

Course Title

SPH 201


SPH 203

Mathematical Methods for Physics III

SPH 205

Mathematical Methods for Physics IV

SPH 207

Special Relativity

SPH 209

Introduction to Analogue Electronics

SPH 211

Computational Physics I

SPH 213

Practical Physics

SPH 215

Scientific Computing Lab I




Year Two Semester Two

Course Code

Course title

SPH 202

Electricity and Magnetism II

SPH 204

Oscillation and Waves

SPH 206

Empirical Ideas of Quantum Mechanics

SPH 208

Physics for Semiconductors, Devices and Materials

SPH 210

Physics of Energy sources and the Environment

SPH 212

Computational Physics II

SPH 214

Practical Physics

SPH 216

Scientific Computing Lab II


Year Three Semester One

Course Code

Course Title

SPH 301

Introduction to Solid State Physics

SPH 303

Quantum Mechanics

SPH 305

Structure and Properties of Matter I

SPH 307

Introduction to Electronics

SPH 309

Wave Theory

SPH 311

Introductory Geophysics

SPH 313

Classical Mechanics

SPH 315

Introduction to Space Physics

SPH 317

Classical Optics

SPH 319

Geophysics II

SPH 321

Atmospheric Physics

SPH 323

Renewable Energy Technologies

SPH 325

Principles of the Ionosphere

SPH 327

Practical Physics


SPH 329

Computational Physics IV

SPH 331

Scientific Computing Lab IV


Year Three Semester Two

Course Code

Course Title

SPH 302


SPH 304

Physics of the Environment and Energy Resources

SPH 308

Materials Science I

SPH 310

Structural and Properties of Matter II

SPH 312

A.C. Circuit Theory

SPH 314

Digital Electronics I

SPH 316

Radio Physics I

SPH 318

Geophysics I

SPH 320

Elements of Environmental Physics

SPH 322

Space Weather

SPH 324

Fundamental of the Geomagnetic Field

SPH 326

Practical Physics

SPH 328

Computational Physics III

SPH 330

Scientific Computing Lab III



Year Three Semester Three

Course Code

Course Title

SPH 306

Industrial Attachment



Year Four Semester One

Course Code

Course Title

SPH 401

Solid State Physics

SPH 403

Atomic Physics

SPH 405

Physics of Materials

SPH 407

Applied Geophysics

SPH 409

Nuclear Physics

SPH 411


SPH 413

Polymer Physics

SPH 415

Microprocessor Systems

SPH 417

Optics of Microscopic Media

SPH 419

Telecommunication Systems

SPH 421

Plasma Physics

SPH 423

Solar Energy Physics

SPH 425

Materials  Science II

SPH 427

Radiation Physics

SPH 429

Practical Physics

SPH 431

Computational Physics V

SPH 433

Scientific Computing Lab V

ABS 413

Entrepreneurship and small Business Management



Year Four Semester Two

Course Code

Course Title

SPH 402

Statistical Mechanics

SPH 404

Principles of Energy Conversion, Storage and Transport

SPH 406

Digital Electronics II

SPH 408

Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy

SPH 410

Classical Electrodynamics

SPH 411


SPH 412

Aeronomy and Paleomagnetism

SPH 414

Elementary Particle Physics

SPH 416

Elements of Astronomy and Astrophysics

SPH 418

Introduction to General Relativity

SPH 420

Radio Physics II

SPH 422

Basic Quantum Optics

SPH 424

Thin Films

SPH 426

Observation and Measurement Techniques for Geospace

SPH 428


SPH 430

Practical Physics

SPH 432

Computational Physics VI

SPH 434

Scientific Computing Lab VI