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About the programme

The aquatic ecosystems cover more than two thirds of the earth’s biosphere. By far, life in aquatic environment out-numbers the terrestrial life by numbers (abundance) and diversity. Waters and organisms therein form essential and renewable resource to humans, and, indeed, to all life including terrestrial life. 

The Master of Science in Aquatic Resources Conservation and Fisheries Development Program at Maseno University aims at producing graduates who will understand the various aspects of the aquatic environment for better management of the environment and its rational exploitation.

Programme Courses

Year 1: Semester I

SZL 821  Limnology
SZL 823  Fresh water Fisheries Biology

SZL 825  Aquaculture

SZL 827  Environmental Pollution

Year 1: Semester II

SZL 822  Oceanography 

SZL 824  Marine Ecology

SZL 826  Marine Fisheries

SZL 828  Law of the Sea

SZL 830  Marine Resources

SZL 832  Aquatic Research Project Methodology

Year 2 Semester I

SZL 831  Fish Handling and Processing 

SZL 833  Field Course 

SZL 835  Research Project I

Semester II
SZL 835:  Research Project II


Admission requirements

Candidates must satisfy the minimum requirements as laid down in the University Common Regulations for Master Degree and the School of Graduate Studies’ Common Rules and Regulations of Maseno University.

In addition, candidates must be in possession of, at least, a B.Sc. degree from a University of academic standard acceptable to Maseno University, with second-class honours (Lower Division) in Zoology, or in a related field.  

Programme duration

The duration of the programme for M.Sc. degree is normally two (2) academic years.

Programme structure

The Master of science Degree programme shall normally consist of coursework, examination and thesis/project, normally extending over a period of two academic years distributed over four semesters of full time/part-time attendance provided that part-time attendance shall not exceed a period of four calendar years from the date of registration. 

The Masters degree in Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology shall consist of a minimum of 14 units, and a maximum of 18 units of coursework, examination and thesis distributed over four semesters as below: