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About the programme

Master of Science in Conservation Biology is designed to educate and train scientists to be the nature and conservation managers with practical conservation management skills. The programme is relevant to conservation biologists and managers, NGOs, consultancy firms and contractors, international agencies, and donors. In particular, it is designed for conservation professionals who wish to gain formal scientific training and students with prior academic qualifications who wish to re-train for a new career in biodiversity conservation.


Programme Courses

Year 1: Semester I

SZL 881: Principles of Conservation Biology

SZL 883: Wildlife Population Ecology

SZL 885: Protected Areas Management 

SZL 887: Field Techniques

SZL 889: Principles of Ecology

SZL 891: Biodiversity Law, Policy and Legislation

SZL 893 Landscape Ecology, Geoinformatics and Conservation Planning

SZL 895 Vertebrate Pests and Invasive Species  


Year 1: Semester II

SZL 813: Biostatistics and Bioanalysis

SZL 882: Community Ecology

SZL 884: Community-Based Conservation

SZL 886: Conservation Genetics

SZL 808: Molecular Biology

SZL 888: Disturbance and restoration ecology

SZL 890: Natural Resource ecology and Economics

SZL 892: Aquatic Ecology and Conservation

SZL 894: Technical Writing and Computer Skills 

SZL 812: Research Project I 

Year 2: Semesters I and II

SZL 899 Research/Thesis

Admission requirements

A candidate must satisfy the minimum requirements as laid down in the University Common Regulations for Master Degree and the School of Graduate Studies’ Common Rules and Regulations of Maseno University.

In addition, candidates must be in possession of, at least, a B.Sc. degree from a University of academic standard acceptable to Maseno University, with second-class honours (Lower Division) in Zoology, or in a related field.  

Programme duration

The duration of the M.Sc. degree-programme shall, normally, be two academic years.

Programme structure

The Masters Degree programme in Conservation Biology shall normally consist of coursework, examination and thesis/project normally extending over a period of two academic years distributed over four semesters of full-time/part-time attendance provided that part-time attendance shall not exceed a period of four calendar years from the date of registration.